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Lukaël, 25 year old, digital and traditional illustrator from Quebec, Canada.

This is my main/art blog, so I only post drawings and a few photos on here. For my video games reblogs and other stuff, check out my second blog, LukShiznits!

I speak both english and french, if you have a question or simply want to talk, don’t be shy and send an ask!

I am usually open for commissions! Click the Commission button for more info~

I am:
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"Lukael" on Twitter
"MonsieurLukael" on Steam
"MonsieurLukael" on Origin
"LordLukael" on Twitch
"LukDrawingStuff" on Livestream
Artistic Wanderlust
Art Blog of Lukael

In other news I bought Drakengard 3

And did someone make a crossover of Zero and Daenerys because if not you can bet your ass I will

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Me at the grocery: *buys some blueberries and a couple of apples*

I am so fucking healthy


If you already follow me on here, you don’t really have to follow me on there since I’ll still be posting everything on my tumblr, but feel free to go ahead and like it if you want! :) I’d appreciate it! 

Might reblog this a few times!

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If you already follow me on here, you don’t really have to follow me on there since I’ll still be posting everything on my tumblr, but feel free to go ahead and like it if you want! :) I’d appreciate it! 

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talk-done said:
Watch the first series then Korra,it really doesn't matter but some things would make sense if you do watch the first series before Korra. But if you watch Korra it may give you more reason to watch the first one which was epic :)

I’m being told by a friend that Avatar is amazing and if it comes first, I might as well watch it too! Guess I will watch both in order and see for myself! :)

Thank you!

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I’m really tempted to start watching Legend of Korra. I know nothing about it and the art style and characters don’t look that special but the fandom on tumblr seems really cool (a rare occurrence).

Any of y’all watch it? Would I need to watch the first Airbender series to understand stuff or can I jump right in?

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Thank you Audrey for transforming my dash into a minefield of naked dudes while I try to browse at work

I’m like *scroll scroll OHSHITFASTSCROLL scroll scroll SHITSODOMYFASTCROLL*

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This is a sweet May0 doodle by phaselockandload (who draws the best Mayas) that I asked if I could color and she nicely accepted!

Ended up messing around with colors and felt like doing a second version with my favorite Maya skin, so here’s both versions!

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My cat is so fucking kawaii
look at his fat ass face

My cat is so fucking kawaii

look at his fat ass face

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Today, an era of my life has ended.

They were the happiest years of my life, but I’m doing my best to not look behind at what I’ve lost, I need to look ahead at future possibilities while keeping the memories and lessons learned.

It’s gonna be difficult for some time, but hopefully some pleasant surprises await me sooner rather than later, and I definetly want to use the occasion to shake things up in my life. And more art is the first thing on my list!

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Mass Effect!
  • Push off a cliff: Jacob, out the airlock. Udina and the turian councilor will soon follow.
  • Frick frack: TALITALITALI also Liara and EDI and Miranda hell Samara too
  • Marry: TALITALITALI would also accept Liara or EDI
  • Set on fire: Kai Leng and Brooks
  • Wrap a blanket around: Kelly Chambers oh my goood also Falere, Keith Dav Anderson, Cortez, Kaidan Liara hell everyone in fucking Mass Effect could use a fucking blanket
  • Be roommates with: Garrus, James, Mordin, Legion, Eve, can I just be roomates with everyone
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  • Push off a cliff
  • Frick frack
  • Marry
  • Set on fire
  • Wrap a blanket around
  • Be roommates with

And if I’m not in the fandom, I’ll go by what I’ve learned from tumblr

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I want to draw so much lately but I have literally ZERO free time eughhHHGHHHGHHHH 


That feeling when you find an artist you really admire and that inspires you, but you look at their creative process and it’s so entirely different from yours that you don’t even know where to begin to try and integrate parts of it in your own art.

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Hey all! I’d really like to take time on focusing on commissions! I’m not going to give you a sob story on why I am so deserving, but here’s the low down:

I’ve been out of a job for over a year. I’ve been surviving, but that’s about to come to an end if I don’t do anything about it soon.

I’ve been job searching over the past year with little to no luck, and am going to be heading back to college to step my foot into the Game Industry in order to get a career in it. So there will be a lot of new expenses I will need to take care of. (Also, I’m going to be 24, still living at home, and I really don’t want to freeload anymore)

I don’t have many skills, art is the only skill I really have, and it’s the only thing I’m able to make money off of. (I mean, unless I start standing on street corners but I ain’t gonna do that)So it would be EXTREMELY… ABSOLUTELYAPPRECIATED if I can at LEAST get a $10 sketch!

>I try not to ask for too much, I am easy to work with and can negotiate prices if needed.<


  • Don’t be over ambitious. I do have limits.
  • Plz no animals.
  • No I will not draw Loli or anything like it.
  • PLEASE give me your best examples to work off of. I really like to try and get EVERY detail.

That’s really all there is to it. I will discuss with you if there are any issue’s or snags.


I accept PAYPAL only!

My E-Mail is: AudreyLynn1941@gmail.com.

I require at least partial up front if you are unable to pay in full at the time. Once the piece is finished, you will have at least a 2 day window to pay the rest of it.

*** Regarding the Commander Shepard pieces***

You will receive them as they are shown. They will NOT be like the second set of examples. If you want a more detailed piece, consider the other options.


Reblogging again because DO IT

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