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Lukaël, 25 year old, digital and traditional illustrator from Quebec, Canada.

This is my main/art blog, so I only post drawings and a few photos on here. For my video games reblogs and other stuff, check out my second blog, LukShiznits!

I speak both english and french, if you have a question or simply want to talk, don’t be shy and send an ask!

I am usually open for commissions! Click the Commission button for more info~

I am:
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"Lukael" on Twitter
"MonsieurLukael" on Steam
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Artistic Wanderlust
Art Blog of Lukael

That feeling when you find an artist you really admire and that inspires you, but you look at their creative process and it’s so entirely different from yours that you don’t even know where to begin to try and integrate parts of it in your own art.

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Hey all! I’d really like to take time on focusing on commissions! I’m not going to give you a sob story on why I am so deserving, but here’s the low down:

I’ve been out of a job for over a year. I’ve been surviving, but that’s about to come to an end if I don’t do anything about it soon.

I’ve been job searching over the past year with little to no luck, and am going to be heading back to college to step my foot into the Game Industry in order to get a career in it. So there will be a lot of new expenses I will need to take care of. (Also, I’m going to be 24, still living at home, and I really don’t want to freeload anymore)

I don’t have many skills, art is the only skill I really have, and it’s the only thing I’m able to make money off of. (I mean, unless I start standing on street corners but I ain’t gonna do that)So it would be EXTREMELY… ABSOLUTELYAPPRECIATED if I can at LEAST get a $10 sketch!

>I try not to ask for too much, I am easy to work with and can negotiate prices if needed.<


  • Don’t be over ambitious. I do have limits.
  • Plz no animals.
  • No I will not draw Loli or anything like it.
  • PLEASE give me your best examples to work off of. I really like to try and get EVERY detail.

That’s really all there is to it. I will discuss with you if there are any issue’s or snags.


I accept PAYPAL only!

My E-Mail is: AudreyLynn1941@gmail.com.

I require at least partial up front if you are unable to pay in full at the time. Once the piece is finished, you will have at least a 2 day window to pay the rest of it.

*** Regarding the Commander Shepard pieces***

You will receive them as they are shown. They will NOT be like the second set of examples. If you want a more detailed piece, consider the other options.


Reblogging again because DO IT

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Next week is gonna be really fucking long


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Full sleeve finally done! Photos aren&#8217;t too great but I&#8217;ll have some better ones soon, once it&#8217;s all healed up!  Done by Jay Marceau from D-Markation in Quebec!

Full sleeve finally done! Photos aren’t too great but I’ll have some better ones soon, once it’s all healed up!  Done by Jay Marceau from D-Markation in Quebec!

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me: I should draw something
me: [does absolutely nothing]
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Last session on my tattoo today! Tonight both arms will be complete!

Photos to come later 

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I just watched two seasons of Game of Thrones in two days.

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Complimenting an artistic friend’s work

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More color practice! I&#8217;m not good at realistic stuff but I like to try it now and then for fun. 
This is a drawing of the lovely yesiamspock in palette #100 of this set

More color practice! I’m not good at realistic stuff but I like to try it now and then for fun. 

This is a drawing of the lovely yesiamspock in palette #100 of this set

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Audrey and Luk become The Presidents.

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I want to draw but i’s so damn hot my hand is sticking to the tablet kahfjkasdfkajhsdjf



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Went for a walk yesterday and discovered that the plaques on the statues of the Parlement Hill in Quebec are written in Comic Sans MS and I’m still laughing about it

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Yknow that moment when you’re like naked at home drenched in sweat because summer is fucking horrible and like you gotta put some clothes on over that sweat because you have to go out to get some food because you’ve got nothing at your place AND THE STORES ARE ABOUT TO CLOSE SO QUICK GOTTA GO OR NOT EAT ALL NIGHT


me neither

You say life isn’t perfect yet here I am naked and playing Mass Effect while listening to electro swing so I dunno what to tell you

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